Recruitment Officer ( Jubail Candidates )

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  1. Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2022
  2. Category: Jobs
  3. Region Jubail


  4. Posting ID: 51586191

Recruitment Officer.


Duties & Responsibilities:

• Execute recruitment in a timely manner by coordinating with concern department based on the yearly business plan.

• Sent Business plan requirement’s to various overseas Agencies/Local manpower supplier requesting for suitable candidates CV’s.

• Post job vacancies on employment website as well as social media.

• Participate in all recruitment events such recruiting conferences and career day.

• Build up the relation with government sectors to utilize it for visa purpose as well as HRDF support.

• Receive and Screen applicant’s CV’s.


• Sent screened CV’s to the concerned dept. for shortlisting.

• Contact with the shortlisted candidate for suitable date & time to arrange an interview.

• Sent to the shortlisted candidates the recruitment application as well as required support documents such as Original Certificate education, clearance from previous employer etc.

• Interview Assessment form to be filled by concerned dept. manager / representative as well as Recruitment representative.

• Prepare initial job offer scenarios from 1 to 5 for expert only and obtain Management approval to recommended scenarios by recruitment team.

• Upon candidate acceptance by email official job offer letter will be signed by two parties.


• After candidate medical fit to work, recruitment representative will update recruitment master data and communicate with the internal concerned dept. for the joining date.

• Arrange for the employee joining formalities (Safety Orientation, HR Induction).

• Prepare new employee announcement, Employment contract and others joining forms prior to the employee joining day.

• Sent new employee file to the ER Representative.

• Prepare weekly reports showing No. of Cv’s sent to concerned dept., shortlisted, interviewed, Selected, offered, other recruitment status etc. and send it to Management.

• Participate in the Business Planning Process and support the preparation of cost effective targets and goals.

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• Manage & Update recruitment Database.


• Knowledge of Saudi Labour Law Regulations.

• Working knowledge of Human Resources Policies and Procedures.

• Good knowledge in how to use Government systems.

• Knowledge of Saudi Embassy required documents for permanent visa.


• Able to work alone and with a team.

• Very good relationship building skills.

• Analytical thinking.

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

• Responsible and trustworthy.

• Keep employee and other sensitive information confidential.

• Very good in Excel.

• Very good in ERP system.

• Excellent negotiation skills.

Top 3 ArcelorMittal Competencies

• Change Management.

• Results Orientation

• Decision Making

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